Morpheus Box - White Noise Machine

Morpheus Box - White Noise Machine


The best repetitive sound Morpheus Box was intended to assist you with forgetting your ordinary difficulties and appreciate some harmony and peacefulness whenever you need it. With an assortment of tried and tested sounds, Morpheus Sound Box can viably loosen up your body and psyche with a single tick.


Discover Perfect Match From 28 Sounds


All the sounds accessible on Morpheus Box are verified and proven to have positive effect on the body and brain yet you despite everything have a wide scope of decisions and you can choose how and when to utilize each. All in all, what are the sounds?


White, Pink and Brown noise intended for relaxation and focus and 20+ more sounds.

28 high fidelity non looping sounds including white noise, pink noise, and brown noise fan sounds and 12 natural relaxing sounds

  • Bird song
  • Humming
  • Frog scream
  • Ocean
  • Stream
  • Raining sound
  • Uterine heartbeat
  • Clock ticking
  • Lullaby
  • Track
  • Bonfire
  • Wind sound


It carries a compact design and minimalistic size which is great for traveling as well along with 3 Supply modes; As Adapter, USB Cable, and a battery




What is pink noise?


The shade of noise is dictated by the energy of the sound sign. In particular, it relies upon how energy is dispersed over different frequencies, or the speed of sound.


Pink noise comprises of all frequencies we can hear, yet the energy isn't similarly dispersed across them. It's more serious at lower frequencies, which makes a profound sound.


Nature is loaded with pink noise, including:


  • rustling leaves


  • steady downpour


  • wind


  • heartbeats


To the human ear, pink noise sounds "flat" or "even."


What is White Noise?


White noise works by lessening the contrast between background sounds and a "peak" sound, similar to an door slamming, giving you a superior opportunity to rest through it undisturbed. In the event that you experience issues nodding off or staying unconscious, making a steady surrounding sound could help cover movement from inside and outside the house.


In your room, white noise is made by a sound conditioner, a fan or an air purifier, anything that is a steady and soothing background for the duration of the night. You should try different things with the volume and type to locate the white noise works best for you or in the event that you have a sleeping partner, the sound that works for both of you.

Can pink noise help you get a better night’s sleep?


Since your mind keeps on handling sounds as you rest, various noises can influence how well you rest.


A few noises, such as sounding vehicles and woofing canines, can animate your mind and upset rest. Different sounds can loosen up your cerebrum and advance better rest.


These rest instigating sounds are known as noise tranquilizers. You can hear them out on a PC, cell phone, or rest machine like a background noise.


Pink noise has potential as a tranquilizer. In a little 2012 investigation in the Journal of Theoretical Biology Trusted Source, analysts found that consistent pink noise diminishes mind waves, which expands stable rest.


A recent report in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience likewise found a positive connection between pink commotion and profound rest. Profound rest underpins memory and causes you feel revived in the first part of the day.


Can white noise help you get a better night’s sleep?




Particularly on the off chance that you experience difficulty nodding off, yet regardless of whether you don't, it's a smart thought to build up an everyday practice before bed (both for youngsters and grown-ups). Make rest cleanliness a propensity!




For ideal rest, you need the ideal rest condition. White noise buffers upsetting sounds and makes a tranquil cover, paying little heed to your environmental factors or rest circumstance.




Ever experience difficulty nodding off on the grounds that your schedule won't quit humming, or individual concerns keep you wakeful? White noise help - it's even appeared to help ease side effects of uneasiness. There's an explanation a few people use it to ponder!




By concealing sounds that may intrude on your rest, white noise protects your quiet sleep. Furthermore, in the event that you DO awaken, it's frequently simpler to fall back snoozing.




You may not understand how frequently you wake up every night. In any case, regardless of whether you don't recollect it toward the beginning of the day, those little interferences influence the nature of your rest. So check repetitive sound and check whether you don't wake up feeling more invigorated.




While you can't rely on your condition, you CAN deal with the clamor factor, on the off chance that you have a Morpheus sleeping machine. Furthermore, many are minimized and versatile, making them simple to toss into a bag, jacket, or purse. (This present one's particularly useful when traveling or Lodging)


White Noise Benefits For Babies


Children might have the option to nod off quicker with repetitive sound the foundation.


White noise can shut out household noise, for example, families or relative sounds.


Morpheus sound machine have a heartbeat setting imitating the mother, which might be soothing for infants.


White noise may aid sleep


The most evident advantage of white sound infants is the way that it could assist them with nodding off. In the event that you notice your infant will in general nod off at noisy times outside of standard snooze time or sleep time, they react positively to white noise.


Your babies may be familiar with being encircled by noise, so a totally quite condition could have the contrary impact when it comes time to rest.


Sleep aids can mask household noises


White sound could likewise benefit families who have various youngsters of various ages.


For example, in the event that you have an infant who needs a snooze, however another kid who no longer takes rests, white sound assistance shut out noise of those kids to enable your baby to rest better.


Brown Noise


Brown noise, likewise called red noise, has higher energy at lower frequencies. This makes it more profound than pink and white sound.


Examples of Brown noise include:


  • Low roaring


  • Strong waterfalls


  • Thunder


Despite the fact that Brown noise is more profound than white noise, they may sound similar to the human ear.


As per episodic proof, the profundity of Brown noise can induce rest and sleep.


Black noise

Black noise is a casual term used to portray absence of noise. It alludes to complete silence or generally quietness with pieces of arbitrary noise.


While it might be hard to find complete silence, it can assist you with sleeping around evening time. A few people feel most relaxed when there is next to zero noise.


Timer Options

Morpheus Box can be played continuously or with timer options that comes in 30, 60- or 90-minute time intervals

Bedside Light Options

With a built-in RGB LED light, Morpheus Box can moonlight along your bed-side table light – which can be switched on with or without the sound – and you have the option to use a still or flashing light with 10 unique settings and different colors.

A 2012 research in the Journal of Theoretical Biology found people enjoyed more quality and stable sleep when exposed to pink white or brown noise, as opposed to silence.


You can install the warm night light, star ambient light, and star projection light which can give extreme quality effect while sleeping along with 100% money back guarantee.


So what are you waiting for, order this 5-star reviewed product which is most preferred product by the users while giving gift to their loved ones and enjoy the stable and high-quality sleep.


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