Portable Clean-up And Storage Bag

Portable Clean-up And Storage Bag

Portable Clean-up And Storage Bag

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Organize It. Store It. ♥ Love It!

Tidy up and store your kids’ toys with the simplest solution. The Quick Toy Sack is a clever invention that makes picking up after the mess a breeze. 

Any parent will understand the kind of distressful feeling when kids leave their toys on the floor. It’s a challenge to put away the Lego's, matchboxes, and other tiny toy pieces in their containers or let alone ask the kids to make sure they leave no clutter when they are done playing. Now, you won’t have to deal with these things with the Clean-up and Store Bag.

It’s a must-have, especially for every Lego fan.

It turns into a playmate.

When opened, the storage sack extends to 60 inches (or 150 cm) in diameter and becomes a playmate. It’s so spacious that your kids may also play with their bigger toys and still be assured that nothing spills out of the mat. There’s also a smaller size at 20 inches (50 cm) in diameter.

Set the Clean-up and Store Bag on any solid surface – the bedroom floor, the patio ground, or the lawn in the backyard. When playtime is over, just pull the drawstrings that put the mat back into a sack and the toy clean-up is done!

It’s durable and machine washable.

The Clean-up and Store Bag is made of durable and long-lasting 100% cotton canvas material. The drawstrings are made from nylon. That said, you can conveniently throw it in the washing machine to have it cleaned.

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✅  The bag is a good helper of storage to make the room tidier. The lanyard makes the bag easy to hang, and the sundries and toys are all fixed. When the lanyard is not in use, the bag can be stored. The hook and loop fastener makes the toy not leak.
✅  The bag features the exquisite stitching, the details determine the quality, the bag features the fine workmanship, precision routing, good shape, no running line, longer use time.
✅ The bag features the pocket design, which can store toys for the baby, which encourages children to develop their own to create a unique gamepad.
✅  The bag features 100% polyester with high color fastness, full color, which makes the bag Eco-friendly, more breathable, skin-friendly, healthy
✅  The bag features the large size to accommodate a variety of small plush animals and building blocks, which is suitable for children from 2 to 5 years old, draw rope storage bag, and the bag can be moved smoothly from room to another room, which is the best storage gadget for children's room.

Material: Polyester
Sizes of varied standards: 1.5m/59.06in and 0.5m/19.67in respectively

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